1. Organisation package

The A to Z FULL services
This package includes 25 services

A first meeting and discussion about your expectations, a first working meeting with the future bride and groom: we will determine together the theme, the colours and the general atmosphere of your wedding: a study of your wedding project.

Regular consulting appointments

Availability 5/7d by Tel, Facebook, email, whatsApp…

Creation of an annual planning

Advice on the selection of the most suitable venue for your wedding

Search for service providers and writing of a first report of your wedding

Pre-selection by the bride and groom of the visits and appointments with the suppliers (the appointments will be grouped according to your availability)

Validation of the service providers by the bride and groom, study of the contracts and validation

Several reports will be sent to you concerning the details of your wedding throughout the preparations

Follow-up and control of your budget

Management of the suppliers’ quotes

Organisation & planning of your wedding week

Creation of the D-day planning

Advice on decoration

Shaping the decoration of the venue

Intermediary meetings with the bride and groom, final details before the wedding

Briefing meeting with all service providers before the wedding

Contact with witnesses and families

Contact with guests to manage “surprises” for the bride and groom

Creation of a moodboard of inspiration, design and scenography of the event

Proposal for the setting of the venue

Story Board of the D-Day

Coordination of your wedding day

Help with decorating purchases

Sketch of atmosphere, scenography


  • Accompaniment in the selection of your menu and choice of food & wine pairing with my sommeliers
  • Creation of a list of accommodation for your guests and management of shuttles between the reception venue and the hotels
  • Management of the arrival of your guests (accommodation & air or rail transport)
  • Accompaniment and advice on the choice of outfits
  • Organisation of Brunch or Lunch the day after the ceremonies
  • Coordination + Presence at the Brunch
  • Organisation of the WELCOME DINER the day before the ceremonies
  • Coordination + Attendance at the WELCOME evening
  • Management of appointments on the day of the ceremony for witnesses and family (hairdresser, make-up artist, etc.)
  • Organisation of the transversal events of your wedding (EVG - EVJF - Honeymoon...)
  • Coaching for secular ceremony external facilitator.
  • Reception / return of delivered equipment
  • Handling

2. Partial

A la carte choice of what you need. We organise your wedding together hand in hand.

3. D-day


Deco advice and setting up on the spot on d-day

Coordination meeting a few days before the ceremonies

Drafting of a schedule for all service providers on d-day

For all the day-of service providers

Availability of exchanges 5/7

Meeting to finalise the preparations

Check the coherence of the project

Get in touch with the providers already selected

Contact with the speakers during the dinner

Technical visit of the venue with the service providers the day before the wedding or the week before the wedding

Setting up the decoration

Coordination of service providers

Coordination of the witnesses’ interventions

D-day planning and evening plan

Management of the payments of the balances

D-day coordination

I am also

Creation, formatting, and celebration, officiating secular ceremonies, preparing and shaping it from A to Z.

It is a completely independent job from the organization of your wedding.

1st meeting to discuss your ceremony:
Estimated budget, Inspiration board, Text proposals, Ritual proposals, Ceremony staging proposals, Relationship between vendors and the couple

Creation of a shared document for all service providers.

Presence and celebration D-day

Providing the ceremony book and
Assistance in choosing texts, rituals, music, speakers, and more...

Writing your ceremony (structure and content)

Consideration of the venue layout for planning and arrangement

Assistance and on-site setup

Guest welcome and seating arrangement

Officiant service

Presence and celebration D-day

It involves presenting me on the D-day and simply celebrating with what you have prepared.

Assistance and on-site setup

Guest welcome and seating arrangement

Officiant service

We will have a meeting the week before the wedding to conduct a briefing on the ceremony